Cardiology Podcasts: Student Analogies Animated

Explaining Cardiological Concepts Using Student Analogies
Year 1 medical students Abe, Hirmand, and Ameen found it difficult to understand complex cardiovascular concepts. When they developed analogies to better understand these concepts, they wanted to share these analogies with future students. So with faculty and MedIT support, the cardiovascular podcasts were born.

Students tested and developed analogies, wrote scripts, recorded audio, and were filmed with a green screen. We helped by bringing their work to life using audio editing and animation.

"The wall stress one was the first time I really understood why increased thickness increases stress." - Student

87% of students felt the podcasts improved their understanding of wall stress.
90% felt the animation improved their understanding of wall stress and re-entry circuits.
91% said they wanted to see more podcasts on other basic science topics.

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Check out the fullĀ Cardiology Series on YouTube

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