Welcome to Canada: Cartoons for Newcomers

Welcome to Canada: an animated guide for refugees

The Flex 419 and 429 courses give students a chance to undertake independent video and media projects.

Maryam worked through Flex and after it to develop an introduction to the Canadian health care system for refugees.

Maryam contacted Vancouver Coastal Health to offer services in developing video resources for refugees.
The team at VCH identified a clear need for animated informational resources.

Maryam went to work, developing a script based on existing orientation materials.

Maryam also set out to design a simple but empathetic character set. She hand drew storyboards and worked with the larger group to implement feedback and script changes. The changes were implemented over several weeks to months.

Once the characters and script were set, Maryam extended her computer illustration skills, creating multi-layered characters and surroundings in a digital format that could be shared between varying kinds of design, presentation and video software.

The result: a simple and effective method to help ease refugees’ transition to the Canadian Health Care System.

My name is Maryam and I am a 2nd year medical student at UBC (Class of 2019). I am interested in using digital media (e.g. animated videos) to educate and empower patients, students, and healthcare professionals to improve health outcomes rather than pdfs, power points, and pamphlets. Cartoons just seem to make learning a little more fun.

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