Educational Technology Highlights for 2021-2022

Facilitating Change and Continuous Improvement at the UBC Faculty of Medicine

Educational Technology Highlights for 2021-2022

The Digital Solutions, Educational Technology portfolio facilitates efforts by faculty and learners to enhance the educational experience of developing healthcare providers through innovative approaches

We supported the Faculty of Medicine through the COVID-19 pandemic by taking innovative approaches to enhance learning for both in-person and virtual care environments

UBC Medicine Learning Network (UBCMLN)

Launched in April 2021, the Learning Network is the first academic medical podcast network in Canada. Currently, EdTech hosts, distributes, trains, and produces, five podcasts created by or with UBC learners and faculty worldwide through the network.

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Responding to the Shift to Virtual Clinical Care: The Listen Podcast

This five-episode podcast series, produced by EdTech, focuses on patient stories of virtual clinical care across a variety of disciplines. Marking the first time such a diverse group of UBC Medicine faculty, learners, staff, and community stakeholders have co-created a project with patients to improve virtual clinical care education.

Learners as Educators through Open-Source Resources

PGME Promotional Support for CARMS

This resident-faculty collaborated, program-specific video series showcased Faculty of Medicine residency programs to learners across Canada. With learners unable to safely visit due to COVID, residency programs created videos to help inform future residents of the benefits of learning and practicing in BC. With CARMS interviews being conducted virtually, these promotional videos played an important role in building interest and awareness of the residency opportunities at UBC.

Learner Produced Clinical Exam Video Series

This video series was written, directed, and filmed by undergraduate learners with the support and training of EdTech as part of their MEDD 419/429/449 course requirements. Learners obtained knowledge translation, media production, and storytelling skills while creating content that educates audiences worldwide.

EdTech supported efforts to achieve Faculty of Medicine strategic priorities as identified in the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan virtual care environments

Tips, Tricks, and Beyond: An Online Teaching Course for Community Physicians

Tips, tricks, and beyond is a newly created online curriculum which helps tackle the shortage of family physicians across B.C. EdTech advises and provides content expertise and knowledge needed to complete the work of the project.

This will reach geographically dispersed family physicians and motivate them to teach regularly for the UBC Department of Family Practice.

An increase in preceptors would stabilize and sustain core curriculum components in the medical program and, by association, produce more physicians to address the doctor crisis in the province.

We facilitated the integration of innovative learning opportunities and addressing programmatic challenges

Immersive Clinical Experience (ICE) Virtual Reality Project

"This is the most innovative way of teaching clinical skills.”

This initiative brought the Medical Education Clinical Skills group and EdTech together to create an experience where learners interact virtually with a patient to receive feedback on their diagnosis using a Virtual Reality headset.

Family Medicine Residency Curriculum Mapping App

  • Vancouver

  • Victoria

  • Prince George

  • Fort St. John

  • Kootenay Boundary

The Family Practice Postgraduate Residency Program’s curriculum is used by 20 sites throughout B.C, each of which implemented the curriculum in different ways aligned with it’s community requirements.

To ensure that the program is aligned with the College of Family Physicians of Canada accreditation standards, it is vital that program leadership is able to get a birds-eye view of what is being taught.

Ed Tech, in partnership with program leadership and project resources created a digital platform that collects curriculum data, tracks the completion process, and generates custom reports full of insight for each of the 20 sites.

This empowers the Family Practice Residency Program to monitor activities as it works to continuously improve the curriculum and align with accreditation standards.

Enabling e-OSCE at a Distance

During the early stages of the Pandemic, it was clear that traditional in-person OSCE assessment was not possible due to the risk of disease transmission between learner, examiner and standardized patient. Canceling OSCE assessment outright would disable the program's ability to provide learners with vital patient care performance feedback.

medical students

A decision was made to implement the SimulationIQ (eOSCE) online platform as it would provide the necessary tools to schedule and conduct patient encounters completely online while maintaining the validity and reliability of the assessment. Ed Tech provided technical, project and change management support for this platform adoption through the creation of implementation plans, the development and delivery of appropriate training materials and technical support during the exams.

Supporting the Faculty to Address Learner Mistreatment

UBC Faculty of Medicine's mistreatment website and reporting tool is a confidential online tool that allows learners to report events that they have either experienced or witnessed in the learning environment.

Ed Tech was responsible for facilitating discussions to improve the overall experience of the website as well as providing recommendations based on learner feedback.

Learner feedback drove change on the website and reporting tool

This feedback helped the Faculty of Medicine to identify how learners could better understand the culture and process of reporting mistreatment so that efforts can be made to reduce or stop it.