Philanthropy Gives Hope to Alzheimer’s Community

By Catherine Choa (Education Operations Coordinator, EdTech) on March 14, 2022

EdTech’s most recent video release highlights the amazing new research and technologies at the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, bringing Dr. Haakon Nygaard and Dr. Brian MacVicar closer to unlocking the mysteries of Alzheimer’s disease.

I reached out to Stephen Gillis (Director and Producer, EdTech), and asked him why it was important to participate in this project. He said:

Stephen Gillis
Stephen Gillis, Director and Producer, EdTech

“This video project provided our team with our first opportunity to safely collaborate in-person since the pandemic began. Being able to bond and work creatively in the same room really re-energized and inspired our team to explore a new and reimagined creative approach to the project.”

A team-oriented approach was also important to Stephen as this was an opportunity to build a story through collaboration.

“We were also able to develop a new creative partnership with a new client, Development and Alumni Engagement, building trust through collaboration and showcasing our expertise.”

With various equipment in their arsenal, Stephen and Video and Digital Media applied innovative filming techniques to demonstrate the wonder of the facility.

“Our objective was to bring the wonder and hope to the screen and applied this theme throughout our extensive drone, handheld, and imaginative filming of the DMCBH building, the various labs, and the futuristic innovative research equipment.”

But as Stephen pointed out, simply capturing the technology of the building wasn’t enough. The team also focused on taking a warm and humanistic perspective.

“We took an initial request for a “video tour of the DMCBH building” and transcended it to an engaging and compassionate full scale film production that showcases the life-changing research happening by our very own world-renowned UBC research teams to philanthropic partners and our global audience.”

As someone who has a personal connection to Alzheimer’s, I was inspired by the quality of information and advances in technology. I recommend to anyone in the Alzheimer’s community to check out this video.

Special thank you to Stephen Gillis for contributing to this post!